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The Blockchain Application for MRO Service Management

Aerotrax Technologies

Innovative. Intuitive. Intelligent.

The Blockchain Application for MRO Service Management.

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Aerotrax is a blockchain application that enables the end-to-end management of the repair order lifecycle for Airline Operators, Service Providers and Leasing Companies by enhancing key business processes: Approved Vendor Search, Record-Keeping Management, Trace History Management, Status Report, Performance Report, and Lease Acceptance & Return Compliance. Bringing industry players and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) service together on one platform, we want to help you perform at your greatest capacity and at the highest level of efficiency.

This is a 10-week trial with Airlines and Service Providers transacting MRO service on the Aerotrax integration-free application. Trial participants run live data in a sandbox environment to manage repair orders between customers and suppliers. Experience the benefits of blockchain technology in aviation and understand the value that Aerotrax can bring to your organization.

Real-Time Business Insights

Aerotrax provides much-needed transparency to aircraft maintenance by enabling real-time communication between parties before, during, and after the repair cycle. This reduces turnaround time (TAT) and aircraft on ground (AOG) time, providing airlines with greater fleet control and MROs with greater customer satisfaction. 

Immutable, Audit-Friendly Repair Records

Aerotrax establishes a single source of truth for high-value parts by recording validated service records on ledger. Airlines and MROs can have complete confidence in the airworthiness of their returned and released parts. Regulators can have transparency into customer-supplier transactions, rendering time-consuming and resource-intensive audit procedures a thing of the past.

New Business Opportunities

Not simply an administrative tool, Aerotrax is curating a network designed to drive new relationships between airlines and MROs. The industry is changing quickly: Airlines need access to a transparent and competitive repair quoting process to ensure that they are getting the best price; MROs need access to a wider spectrum of a client to foster a larger and more profitable customer base. Aerotrax delivers in full on both of these promises.

Low-Lift Integration, Minimal Time to Value

Architected for technical flexibility, Aerotrax fits seamlessly into user’s existing IT infrastructure. To minimize onboarding time and cost, Aerotrax can be integration-free in order to provide immediate value. However, Aerotrax can also be integrated with user’s ERP, PLM, CMMS and other systems to consolidate maintenance history information from disparate systems without error-prone and time-consuming data re-entry.

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